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We are two lifelong friends, spanning decades. Both with a love for all things fashion. We decided we had the experience, passion and drive to come together in business, in a way that aligns with our values of truly caring for our customers, providing a diverse range of products that won't break the bank, helping women feel beautiful, every minute of every day. Because you are!

LaGela Shoes rose from the ashes of a vastly changed world in 2020. Online shopping is now the primary way in which the new world chooses to shop for fashion. Creating a platform in which we can share our profound love for fashion and adoration for shoes, with that WOW factor, for all.

We have put our heart and sole into LaGela. Our days are consumed with sourcing top quality products at affordable prices. This may sound arduous to some. But in truth, we love it. We are gifted with spending more time together as friends, doing the one thing we both love the most. Shopping for fashion.

LaGela Shoes is a way of life, showing all women they are beautiful, created with absolute love and respect for ourselves and for you. 


To inspire our customers through unique styled fashion shoes, to believe in themselves, reflect their true beauty by being them, to always feel sexy in every style of shoe, to conquer the world.

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