Refunds and Returns Policy


All returns must be unused, unworn, unmarked, and delivered in their original condition – complete with the original packaging, tags and other additional items. 

If the product/s returned do not conform with the return conditions .e.g have been worn, marked, tags removed or not in the original packing, we reserve the right to refuse to give a replacement, refund or partial refund.  You will be notified if there’s an issue with your return.

 *Hot tip:  reuse the packaging bag the product/s arrived in by turning the bag inside out and use to send the product/s back in, that’s if you didn’t rip the bag with excitement, that is.

Returns Procedure 

To meet eligibility requirements under this policy, you must adhere to the following:

  • STEP 1 – Complete our Customer Refunds & Returns Request Form
    • All requested information must be completed:
    • 1.1   Preference of outcome:  Refund or Replacement Product
    • 1.2  Return Type   
    • 1.3  Order Date
    • 1.4  Order Number
    • 1.5  Delivery Date
    • 1.6   First Name
    • 1.7   Surname
    • 1.8   Postal Address
    • 1.9   Residential Address (if different to postal address)
    • 1.10 Phone number
    • 1.11  Email
    • 1.12 Reason for return:
      • a) Damaged
        1. Include a detailed explanation of the damage to the product/s.
      • b) Item not as described
        1. Include a detailed explanation of the differences between the product and website information.
      • c) Wrong colour 
        1. Include the colour ordered.
        2. Include the new colour to be shipped.
      • d) Wrong size
        1. Include the size ordered.
        2. Include the size received.
        3. Include the size you require.
        4. *optional – if you’d like to include your foot length and width measurements, we can double check your size.
      • e) Other
        1. Please include a detailed explanation.
  • STEP 2 – Include Photograph/Video Evidence showing all issues with the product/s
  • STEP 3 – Submit Form
  • STEP 4 – Wait for our return email with further instructions. 

*Suggestion: add to your email address book to avoid vital communications going to spam.

It is essential to include all the above information for confirmation and minimise delay for approval, as unfortunately, failure to supply these details void refund. 

10 Day Free Return Service

You have up to 10 days from receiving your item to decide if you want to activate this service for any reason.

To meet eligibility requirements under the 10 Day Free Return Service, you must complete all of the return procedure steps above within 10 days of receiving your delivery.

It is essential to follow all of the instructions ensuring you have included the required information to minimise the risk of delays.  Unfortunately, failure to supply these details in your initial request within the set time frame may void the free return service.

Outside 10 Day Free Return Service

You can still return your product/s outside of the 10-day free return service, but you will need to pay for the return shipping cost.   You have up to 30 days to return product/s.

Order Cancellations

LaGela Shoes ordering system is automated. Therefore, the opportunity to cancel your order is minimal. Should you recognise errors post-order and wish to invoke a cancellation, you must contact us at once. Please note: there is no guarantee of cancellation after an order number is issued. 

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