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For LaGela Shoes to bring you the fun and unique styles we are known for, we source our shoes from various suppliers from various countries. So your shoe size may vary from brand to brand, brand to style and from country of origin so knowing your foot measurements are a must when buying shoes online. 

Always check the size guides & item specs before choosing your size for that particular shoe.

What you will need to measure

Fun Facts

* the best time to measure your feet is at the end of the day because they can swell throughout the day.

* your feet can be different sizes so always measure both to help find the closest Cinderella fit.

What & how to measure

  • stand with foot on paper and draw around it
  • record your measurements on the LaGela Shoes Personal Measurement Form
  • these are now your base measurements
  • save your personal measurement form for future use

Wise Words

* if the shoe is a bit big, there are various types of insoles/insert pads to fix this problem; however, if the shoe is too small, it is too small there is no aid to help this.  Shoes have very little stretch. By Unknown.  So if in doubt order a size up.   

Base Measurements

You need to allow for various factors when buying shoes.  Do you want a tight fit or looser fit, consider adding 0.5cm – 1cm for comfort room.

Bunions/Corn/Callus/Knobbly Bits 

Have large corns, calluses or just a knobby bit sticking out that could affect your foot width. Consider ordering a size up unless you have included it in your foot width measurement. 

In Between Shoe Sizes

If you are an in-between size, it is your discretion whether you choose to order a size up or down.  

  • open Toe/Flip flop – if you go up a size will it allow too much flip-flopping. 
  • closed Toe/Boot – would a size up would be a better fit – will you be wearing socks and how thick will they be. fit – will you be wearing socks and how thick will they be. 

Pointed Toe Shoes

Pointed toe shoes you can lose about 1-2 cm, so it is suggested to add this onto your foot length measurement when ordering your size. 


When choosing your size, keep in mind whether you will be wearing thin or thick socks, tights or stockings.

Thick/Narrow Foot

Below is a table displaying approximate foot widths corresponding to your foot length.  

  • wider foot – consider ordering a size up.
  • narrow/thin foot – if smaller to chart consider ordering a size down 
  • high instep – consider ordering a size up

Shoe Width Guide

Heel To ToeWidth Cm’sWidth Inches
21.5 – 228 – 8.53.14 – 3.34
22 –
22.5 – 238.5 – 93.4 – 3.54
23 – 23.593.54
23.5 – 249 – 9.53.54 – 3.74
24 – 24.59.5 – 103.74 – 3.93
24.5 – 25103.93
*This table is to be used as a guide only and actual shoe measurements may vary.

Heels Class Guide

Heel Class Cm’s Inches
Flats 0 – 2.5 – 1
Low Heels 2.5 – 5 1 – 2
Mid Heels 5 – 7.5 2 – 3
High Heels 7.5 – 10 3 – 4
Very High Heels 10 + 4 +
*This is to be used as an approximate guide only, if your shoe size is smaller or larger than average the height may vary somewhat. 

Boots Class Guide

Boot ClassCm’s Inches
Ankle Boots7.6 – 22.53 – 8.75
Mid-calf22.8 – 34.59 – 13.5
Knee-high35 – 4513.75 – 17.75
Over-the-knee45 +18 +
*This is to be used as an approximate guide only, if your shoe size is smaller or larger than average the height may vary somewhat. 

LaGela Shoes Style Guide
LaGela Shoes Foot Measurement Form


While much care has been taken in preparing this sizing and style guide, it is intended as a guide only, and LaGela Shoes takes no responsibility for incorrect size selection.

Variance – measurements are measured by hand so please allow 1 – 15mm variance.  

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